Saturday, February 21, 2009

DogoNews: A Website for Inquisitive Minds

DOGONews - Fodder for Young Minds

DOGONews is a website for kids with curious minds who are interested in the world around them (shouldn't that be all kids?). "DOGO" is a word that means young or small in Swahili. DOGONews is geared towards elementary school children, aged 5-10.

According to their web site:

"DOGONews ( - This section is a fun and educational alternative to sites like Time for Kids, National Geographic and Science Daily. With hundreds of archived articles and new content added daily, the section is chockfull of fun and inspiring news from all around the world.

The content is written in a simple, easy to understand format and kept relatively short, in order to keep young children focused and interested. Videos are added whenever available. There is also an integrated dictionary for challenging words and a map mash-up to provide a geographical context. The main aim of the site is for kids to read and learn about world events in a fun and interactive and safe environment."

There is a search section and News is also linked under various topics such as Latest, General, Science, Entertainment, Sports, International, Amazing, Social Studies, Did You Know, Fun, Green, and Video. The site is visually interesting and easy to follow. The articles are interesting to read and easily capture one's attention.

You will also find two other sections on the website: DOGOSites and DOGOEarth.

DOGOSites ( - a directory of fun educational kids sites. A great resource for teachers, kids and parents. Each site is carefully vetted prior to inclusion.

DOGOEarth ( - news headlines geo-tagged on a 3D globe to provide younger readers an interactive way to read the headlines.

DOGOEarth shows a large view of planet earth that is darkened or lightened depending on the time of the day. Cities are lit up and articles related to certain places on the earth pop-up as you look over our planet. This is a fun and interesting way to visualize where on our planet these events are happening and it is certainly an eye-catching page.