Monday, April 20, 2009

Simply Everything You Need to Know About Numbers

What's Special About This Number? is an interesting webpage that starts with the number 1 and counts up to the number 10,000 highlighting something mathematically special about many of the numbers along the way. You can learn all sorts of strange and advanced things about numbers. When a definition is given, you can click on the link to learn more about that subject. For example: I learned that "70 is the smallest weird number". When you click on "weird number" you are taken to a page that gives an explanation. The explanation start with, "A "weird number" is a number that is abundant without being pseudoperfect. " Fortunatley there are new links and examples to explain those terms. The website is like a "math dictionary" of numbers and facts for the mathematically curious. It sort of makes my head spin, but if you memorize all of this information, I am sure you will be a hit at any social function you attend!

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