Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Hate That Cat" Poetry

This wasn't that simple, but I wanted to give the presentation software Prezi a second try (first try is here). I like the panning effects that Prezi offers, but I still find the interface clunky and figuring out the how to use the "zebra" tool to be very time-consuming. I did eventually complete my second Prezi. After reading Sharon Creech's excellent book "Love that Dog" to my class earlier in the year and "Hate that Cat" more recently I wanted my students to write poems about pets, real or imagined, based on the wonderful poetry examples used in "Hate that Cat". I decided to write some poetry myself in the style of Jack from the book. Here is my Prezi presentation on my childhood dog. It somewhat tells the story of my much beloved family dog and how she won the title of "Best of Show" in a kid's dog show back when I was in fourth grade. I also won the prize of picking out any bike in a local department store. As you can see, I chose a most excellent banana seat Sting-ray bicycle.

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