Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Using a green screen in the classroom

I have been trying for over 10 years to find a simple way to use green screen technology in my classroom so my students can make newsroom style videos. I sort of wrote about my frustrations here. Basically I spent a bit of money and spent a lot of time and never got satisfactory results and eventually gave up on that adventure.

Once I got a classroom iPad this year, one thing I found and couldn't wait to use was a program by DoInk called Green Screen. It was simple and it worked. my students were able to create green screen videos to embed into projects they were making on hurricanes.

If you want to try this simple way to make green screen videos, you will need an iPad, the $2.99 Green Screen app, and a Green Screen Backdrop. You will be up and running pretty quickly and your students will be fascinated at this technology and find it fun to use when giving reports and presentarions.

Here is a presentation from DoInk:

Here is a quick tutotrial:

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