Sunday, March 23, 2008

Teachers Who Steal

OK I admit it, I have a stealing problem. I like to get ideas from other teachers and them try them out myself. So this week I stole a simple one from Mrs. Porter's classroom. Whenever I go into another classroom I look around for ideas and inspiration. So after a few too many meetings in her classroom in the past few weeks I was looking at the selection of books all neatly arranged for her students. I noticed little notes on each shelf that said something like this, "this shelf was brought to you by ______" and then mentioned a student's name. I figured that the named child was responsible for keeping that shelf neat and organized. So I stole.

This week I made little number tags and put them on various bookshelves around the room. I then put numbers on the board with each student's name on them. The class was getting real interested in what these numbers meant. I then spoke to each child about their numbered shelf or place in the room and let them know they were responsible for keeping that area clean, organized, and dusted from that Mount Pleasant dust that never seems to go away.

Now my room and books will be much more organized and clean and I won't be the one doing all the work. My students are excited about the extra responsibilities that they can perform in the classroom. Everything is good. Now my kids at home are wondering about all those numbers I am putting around the house!

Teachers need inspiration. You can even call good teaching an art. So I'll let you steal from me, but just expect me to steal from you!

“Good artists copy, great artists steal”
Pablo Picasso

"every poet is a thief"

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