Saturday, April 5, 2008

"Not on the Test" is a Song with an Important Message (and it is fun too!)

Here is a fun little satirical song with a message by Tom Chapin. It is called "Not on the Test". You can watch, download, and share the song here, as well as learn more about the song and its purpose.

My son, Andrew, liked to listen to Tom Chapin when he was in elementary school. His class went to his concert one year. Now Andrew is a budding "rock star" who passionately writes and records his own songs and even has a CD album of songs for his friends. I saw and heard about this song and video, "Not on the Test" about how teaching to the test can limit the teaching of the Arts in the elementary schools. I do appreciate the energetic teaching of Music, Gym, and Art at my school. Of course those are the favorite classes for many students and the teaching is wonderful. I would hate for our students to lose these weekly classes and I only wish they could have more exposure and time to given over to these important creative areas. We do lose out on a lot of Science and Social Studies at our school due to our emphasis on reading. Do you think Tom Chapin would be willing to write another song?

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