Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Playing Around with Animoto

I have been playing around with a nifty little program called Animoto. It is a program that easily makes custom slideshows using your digital pictures and music. Teachers can use this program for free after signing up with Animoto (just be warned if you are a Nashua teacher that the emails from Animoto went into my spam folder- I had to send an email to the company to get it straightened out).

The other day I took my class on a stroll around Mount Pleasant School. I explained the photos I was taking as I walked around the school. I told my class what I wanted to do with the photos. I was suprised when one boy said, "So you are basically making a collage!"

I said, "Yes that is right, but it will be a photo-video collage on the computer." I realised after awhile that I was taking photos of round things, signs, numbers, and different views of the school. Here is one of the videos Animoto put together for me. What do you think?

Hopefully this program will work on the district's computers. I have some ideas for my class that would be very fun to work on together.

Sorry for the music. I have to find some appropriate tunes.

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