Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Kids Should See This

I love this website as it comes in handy at odd times during the day and my students and I get introduced to all sorts of fascinating subjects. The Kids Should See This is a growing collection of kid-friendly videos.
There's just so much science, nature, music, art, technology, storytelling and assorted good stuff out there that my kids (and maybe your kids) haven't seen. It's most likely not stuff that was made for them...
But we don't underestimate kids around here.
Kid-friendly not-made-for-kids videos for all! Collected by Rion Nakaya and her four year old co-collector.
 I like to show these at the end of the day when the kids are waiting for their buses to be called. I just go to the website and show a video up on the Eno board. Some are hits and some are not, but many times we get a discussion going before they head out the door about something exciting in the world that may not be a part of our normal curriculum. The Kids Should See This is also great when you have a few open minutes and want to do something interesting. I also just like to watch the videos myself to see where I can tie them into the curriculum or to just learn something new.

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